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Condition Monitoring Services (CMS)

Works like a blood test for your machine

What is Condition Monitoring?

Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services are designed to ensure maximum equipment uptime. By identifying warning signs and potential issues, you can prevent early component failures.
Our Condition Monitoring services include:
  • KOWA® – Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis: Works like a blood test for your machine.
  • Coolant Analysis: Maintain the health of your cooling systems with coolant sampling and analysis program.
  • Metallurgical Testing and Evaluation: Root cause analysis, materials testing and mainstream material condition monitoring.
  • Site Audits: Site audits can cover the fit out of correct sample points and locations on the machine, auditing of current sampling practices and procedures, auditing of materials handling and relevant training in these areas.
Why use Condition Monitoring?
Komatsu Condition Monitoring Services offer many benefits. Minimising abnormal wear and damage from contaminants whilst avoiding potential catastrophic failures will ensure costs remain controlled and machine productivity is maximised. However, condition monitoring is not just about wear and tear - it can affect every area of your operation:
  • Budget control via accurate real time data
  • Integrated online reports for straightforward analysis 
  • Ongoing integrated Customer Support via Komatsu engineers and technicians
  • Optimum maintenance scheduling to get the most out of your equipment
  • Advance planning of oil-change intervals
  • Prevention of early component failure and minimising hazardous situations
  • Maximum equipment uptime, with component life maximised and scheduled
  • Follow up – support and training
  • An effective Asset Management tool
  • Production targets are underpinned with reliability
  • Greater inventory control based on real stats and data
  • Resale increase potential with KOWA® report history
  • Incidence of catastrophic component failures reduce