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KOMTRAX App: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions - KOMTRAX App
Question – Is there a version of the KOMTRAX App available for Android?
Answer – One will be available later this year, 2015

Question – Is the KOMTRAX App available from the Apple App store?
Answer – No, the App is downloaded from Komatsu’s website.

Question – How can the customer access the web application?
Answer – It is as simple as visiting & following the prompts under Machine Management (PLEASE CHECK)

Question – What platform does the KOMTRAX App work on?
Answer – The KOMTRAX App is guaranteed to work with iOS7.0.4

Question – What period of time can I view data for?
Answer – Data is available on the mobile App for up to 31 days. You are able to view data that precedes this time by logging onto your KOMTRAX account online.

Question – What is my KOMTRAX logon?
Answer – If you need to access your KOMTRAX account, but are having troubles, please contact Komatsu on 011 923 1081 (office hours) or email

Question – Is the machine data live?
Answer – Machines communicate with the satellites on a daily basis, data is collated overnight and is available the next day to view previous day’s workings.

Question – Why isn’t my machine showing any current data?
Answer – Contact 011 923 1081 (office hours) or email

Question – Why aren’t all of my machines showing on the App?
Answer – Contact 011 923 1081 (office hours) or email
Komtrax: 011 923 1081 (office hours)
Isando (Head Office):Tel: +27 11 923 1000 I Fax: +27 11 923 1303 I email:
Customer care line: 0860 566 2878


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