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Hensley Ground Engaging Tools Solutions

Komatsu Ground Engaging Tools - Hensley
Hensley GET tools
Komatsu Hensley Ground Engaging Tools offer a wide range of solutions for use on excavators, wheel loaders, skidsteers, backhoe loaders and other equipment. It includes the recently released XS (extreme service) range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) for use in mining, construction, quarrying and utility applications.

The XS range features Hensley"s patented "hammerless" pinning system, which makes for much safer tooth changeover and rotation, eliminating the need for heavy hammering. Instead, a conventional socket is all that is required to unlock and lock the pin fastener. Pins are also re-useable, further reducing consumables costs. The hammerless pin system also drastically cuts tooth changeover time.
Key advantages of the Hensley XS range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) include:
  • Better penetration through improved shape, resulting in faster cycle times
  • Hardness throughout the tooth, using a sophisticated heat treatment process that maintains full hardness right through to the  core
  • Unique high strength design to minimise breakage and excessive downtime
  • Less “throw away” waste, with Hensley XS teeth achieving up to 60% of material consumed before scrapping
  • Reversible tooth design, allowing tooth wear to be kept in balance, further extending life
  • The safest pin change out system on the market