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Mid Life Rebuild
​KOMTRAX Plus - Technologically advanced satellite
monitoring systems

What is KOMTRAX Plus

KOMTRAX Plus is Komatsu’s technologically advanced remote monitoring data system that provides access to view specific machine data via the internet on your computer.
KOMTRAX Plus is Komatsu’s answer to remote monitoring of large (mining and production) sized equipment. Komatsu’s KOMTRAX Plus (formerly VHMS) provides the means to remotely monitor the health of major components using Telemetry Technology (Satellite) on equipped Mining and Production class machines, enabling the evaluation of the machine’s condition and operations. This system has been designed to reduce repair costs and maintain optimal machine availability by helping to prevent unscheduled downtime.
Komatsu’s new generation of mining and production class machines are equipped with KOMTRAX Plus. These include:
  • HAUL TRUCKS: HD465, HD605, HD785, HD1500, 730E, 830E, 860E, 930E and 960E
  • EXCAVATORS: PC1250-7, PC1800-6, PC2000, PC3000, PC4000, PC5500 and PC8000
  • WHEEL LOADERS: WA600, WA800, WA900 and WA1200
  • DOZERS: D375A and D475A
To enable all our customers to take full advantage of the KOMTRAX Plus remote monitoring data services, we offer FREE KOMTRAX Plus data service to all Komatsu machine owners with KOMTRAX Plus compatible machines!
KOMTRAX Plus provides you with the means to monitor machine conditions, helping you achieve maximum productivity and utilisation.
Some of the key features and benefits include:
  • Complimentary system
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Continuous monitoring of machine condition and performance ensures any abnormal readings can be addressed before they result in unscheduled downtime.
  • Safer operations: Poor or incorrect operator practices (e.g. excessive speed) are highlighted, allowing additional training.
  • Lower operating costs: Continuous monitoring of operating practices and machine settings allows fine-tuning of operator procedures.
  • Manage fuel usage
  • Accurately log machine hours: Know if your machines are actually working or accumulating hours.
  • Production Data - Is my machine producing? Be aware of machine payloads.
Komatsu uses this data for Continuous Improvement (CI) to ensure that this tool gives you added benefit and our product meets your application demand.