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Mid Life Rebuild

Mid Life Rebuild
​Komatsu Mid Life Rebuild
​Rebuilding of equipment is an option adopted by many customers within the Construction and Mining sectors. Komatsu equipment can be brought back to “as new” condition through our remanufacturing component process, which includes the implementation of engineering upgrades and other specific customer options.
Whilst Komatsu adheres to factory recommended rebuild guidelines, rebuild specifications can be customised to meet customer requirements. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we ensure all variations are aligned with Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES).
Key Benefits
The key benefits of a Komatsu Premium Class Rebuild include:
  • Reduced capital requirements for the same annual period of time 
  • Meeting operational targets without the need to replace a machine 
  • Improved availability and reliability of your machine(s)
The Rebuild Process
  1. Machine inspection 
  2. Rebuild scoping session 
  3. Detailed plan/specification 
  4. Disassembly and cause of failure review 
  5. Product improvement/updates 
  6. Detailed component check and test 
  7. Reassembly 
  8. Pre-start testing 
  9. Painting & protection 
  10. Final test and commission
Throughout the rebuild process, Komatsu technicians carefully follow procedure and policies to ensure quality of work. We provide our customers with progress updates - with agreed nominated milestones outlined during the initial customer rebuild scoping session. Customers also receive an updated job progress flow chart, so they are able to personally monitor the progress of their rebuild.