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Reman - Remanufactured Components

Komatsu Reman

Komatsu Remanufactured Components

When the components in your Komatsu equipment reach the point of requiring overhaul or replacement, Komatsu can assist in minimising downtime and reducing costs through a wide range of Komatsu Remanufactured (Reman) components.
Reman components are rebuilt to Komatsu’s exacting factory specifications at the Reman Centre in South Africa. These facilities are part of a global network of Komatsu Reman Centres, with others in UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Chile and Indonesia.
Our Reman processes are carried out under strict guidelines developed by our factory design and manufacturing engineers.
Reman products include key components such as:
·         Engines
·         Engine components
·         Transmissions
·         Final drives
·         Hydraulic pumps
·         Hydraulic motors
·         Electric wheel motors and more
These components are rebuilt as new back components with the existing Serial Number, which allows Komatsu to track components during their new life, and provide full new component warranty.
Reman parts prices are typically 30% to 65% less than those of a brand new component, depending on the type and size of the component that’s being replaced.
Please note that there are also strict return criteria regarding the condition of components being returned to Komatsu for Reman. These should be discussed with your Komatsu Prodcut Support Representative when you are considering the Reman option.
If downtime is not a major issue our Reman Centres are also able to rebuild your own components to the same exacting standards of Komatsu Reman products.