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Safety Focus

Committed to Quality, Health and Safety

Komatsu Health & Safety Policy Statement


Komatsu is committed to Quality, Health and Safety: These are the cornerstones of our management philosophy, and they underpin our corporate values.


A safe and healthy working environment and a recognised industry track record is a key operational priority for Komatsu. We ensure strict compliance with legislation and legal compliance audits are performed regularly, safety policies are reviewed and external audits are performed in compliance with ISO 9001.


Our Health and Safety Principles and Objectives are: 

  • Working with relevant stakeholders in appropriate forums to develop programmes that provide safeguards for our employees, contractors and visitors while providing flexibility to meet the needs of the organisation’s businesses and clients;
  • To responsibly manage health and safety hazard identification, risk assessment and control before the commencement of a project or any work through proper programmes and procedures;
  • Establishing competence and awareness of employees on site through effective training and communication regarding relevant health and safety matters;
  • To provide guidelines to establish and review SMART health and safety objectives and continually measure and monitor our activities and progress against our objectives;
  • Complying with applicable and relevant South African Health and Safety legal requirements as contained in national, provincial and local legislation as well as, but not limited to, other standards which the company needs to subscribe to;
  • Ensure that proactive processes are in place to guarantee continual improvement in health and safety performance;
  • To focus on the prevention of injuries and ill health and to ensure that the incident rate is continually lowered;
  • Ensuring that the policy is available and communicated to all employees, contractors and visitors and other interested and affected parties and that they understand the nature and contents thereof;
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate controls to ensure that this policy is reviewed on an annual basis;
  • Ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for their own health and safety.


We will regularly review our progress and communicate results to all our stakeholders in order to establish a relationship based on integrity, openness and mutual trust. In engaging them, we share with our stakeholders the responsibility for meeting the requirements of this policy.


We commit to responsible and legally compliant management of health and safety related aspects in our organisation and understand that a safe and healthy workforce contributes to our success.