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01 June 2019 - Komatsu South Africa comes alive in vivid industrial artworks Read More >
Two water storage tanks at the entrance to the Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) at Komatsu South Africa’s new campus in Sunnyrock, Germiston, have been transformed into large-scale works of art that celebrate the company’s role in the growth and development of the South African economy. Funded by the Komatsu South Africa Foundation Trust, the project was instigated by Komatsu South Africa managing director Mike Blom.  At first glance of these stark white tanks he reflected on his travels both locally and abroad where buildings, spaces and areas were brought to life by colourful art. 
01 May 2019 - Aftermarket and promoting genuine parts Read More >
Effective aftermarket strategies aren’t devised by chance. They’re formulated through the capture and painstaking analysis of multiple sources of information which – when correctly assessed – hold the key to some exciting future opportunities. Continuous Improvement and Aftermarket manager William Norton offers some interesting insights into how we are applying marketing science to identify opportunities to expand and grow the sale of consumable products, very often with significant, and tangible, benefits to customers and users.
01 April 2019 - Komatsu pc210-10mo excavator to redefine industry standards Read More >
The Komatsu PC210-10M0 hydraulic excavator will make its local debut when the first unit lands on South African soil at the end of March. The PC210 is the natural successor to the long-serving PC200 range of excavator products and boasts an array of improved features that will establish it as the product of choice in the 20-tonne class. “Put simply, the PC210-10M0 is more productive, powerful and economical than its predecessors against a background of improved operator safety and comfort together with the latest cab-based information technology. This takes a product, which has always delivered, to the next level” says Komatsu South Africa general manager marketing and sales Mike Helm.
01 April 2019 - Komatsu reduces environmental impact with fuel optimisation system Read More >
Industries worldwide are under increasing pressure to lessen their impact on the environment, probably none more so than the mining sector. Considerable focus has been placed on carbon emissions and the need to economise on fossil fuels like oil. Komatsu, in conjunction with Anglo American Platinum’s Mogalakwena mine, recently trialled a fuel optimisation system on the operation’s fleet of 23 930E rigid dump trucks.
01 April 2019 - MineWare boosts loader performance Read More >
Hailing from Queensland, Australia, MineWare is an independent, 100% Komatsu-owned company that develops real-time monitoring technology for ground engaging equipment. MineWare has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2006 and has continued to expand its global presence since joining the Komatsu family in April 2017. Today, more than 280 MineWare systems support over 130 surface mining operations throughout South Africa, North and South America and Australasia.
01 April 2019 - Komvision provides operators with extra eyes to aid pit safety Read More >
Komatsu has introduced a major advancement in vehicle safety with KomVision, as system that employs high-definition cameras and radar technology to provide operators with a real-time bird’s eye-view of their vehicles and their surroundings. Past, or in many cases, current practice requires drivers of high capacity trucks to rely on mirrors to gauge their proximity to other objects and, more importantly, people – either on foot or in LDVs.
01 November 2018 - Komatsu launches new industrial hub and head office Read More >
Komatsu Africa, the southern African division of global capital equipment manufacturer Komatsu, has opened its new multi-million-rand industrial hub – established as a solid foundation for the company to accelerate growth and enable the business to capitalise on future market resurgence opportunities. CHANTELLE KOTZE attended the opening. Built at a cost of R985 million, the campus located east of Johannesburg in Germiston, is one of the largest industrial campuses in South Africa and will serve as the central hub from which the company will manage its widespread operational footprint across South and southern Africa.
01 June 2018 - Komtrax® provides the key for top-class rental management Read More >
KOMTRAX®, Komatsu’s advanced remote equipment and machine monitoring system, has become an indispensable tool for the management of an extensive fleet of capital equipment operated by Old Lady & Son Plant Hire (OL&S).  The KwaZulu-Natal-based company leases equipment primarily to the construction industry and recently extended its footprint into mining and quarrying. KOMTRAX® gives operations managers and hire operators greater control over their operations by providing easy access to the information they need to manage their fleets every day.
01 December 2017 - Liviero mining chooses komatsu for performance, efficiency and cost Read More >
Jan Steyn, Plant Director at Liviero Mining, was one of a number of executives from major South African mining and construction houses that recently returned from an intensive fact-finding visit to Komatsu headquarters in Japan. Liviero Mining is a subsidiary of the Liviero Group, widely recognised as the country’s largest black-owned multidisciplinary construction and mining organisation. It gained entry to the mining industry in 2012, and has since made impressive strides into the coal sector. The current fleet is made up of a wide range of opencast equipment that collectively moves in the region of 40 million banked cubic meters of material a year.
01 December 2017 - Introducing the new pc700lc-8r se excavator Read More >
A welcome new addition to the Komatsu range of excavators is the PC700LC-8R SE, specifically introduced as a result of consultation with many operators engaged in the mining industry. According to Manager Sales and Marketing Toshi Ohtsuka, discussions with customers revealed the need for this additional model to fill a perceived gap between the PC600 and the PC850.