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Komatsu Hensley solutions

Komatsu’s Hensley XS adapter system represents the latest technological advancement in cast ground engaging tool engineering. Hensley's revolutionary quick-change ‘hammerless’ retention system ensures XS tooth changeover is safer, faster and easier than any alternative.

Key advantages of the Hensley XS range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) include:

  • Better penetration through improved shape, resulting in faster cycle times
  • Hardness throughout the tooth, using a sophisticated heat treatment process that maintains full hardness right through to the core
  • Unique high strength design to minimise breakage and excessive downtime
  • Less “throw away” waste, with Hensley XS teeth achieving up to 60% of material consumed before scrapping
  • Reversible tooth design, allowing tooth wear to be kept in balance, further extending life
  • The safest pin change out system on the market


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