News and Media - Press Releases: Komatsu pc210-10mo excavator to redefine industry standards

The Komatsu PC210-10M0 hydraulic excavator will make its local debut when the first unit lands on South African soil at the end of March. The PC210 is the natural successor to the long-serving PC200 range of excavator products and boasts an array of improved features that will establish it as the product of choice in the 20-tonne class.

“Put simply, the PC210-10M0 is more productive, powerful and economical than its predecessors against a background of improved operator safety and comfort together with the latest cab-based information technology. This takes a product, which has always delivered, to the next level” says Komatsu South Africa general manager marketing and sales Mike Helm.

The bucket size has been increased to 1.2m³, while lifting capacity has risen by 5% thanks to the greater stability provided by a heavier counterweight and extended rear-end radius.

Greater digging power is provided by an engine that has been designed to deliver a 12% gain in power, now producing 123kW. It also features a P-mode setting which, at the touch of a button, provides maximum digging power in a single controlled burst. Travelling power output has also climbed by 15%, delivering improved traction and reduced tramming times when traversing inclines, gradients and tough terrain.

Greater fuel economy

These increases in performance are accompanied by an equally impressive 20% improvement in fuel economy. Enhanced engine management technology, including optimising fuel injection controls, have improved engine output while lowering diesel consumption. Further gains have been achieved by reducing hydraulic pressure loss and fan speeds.

Cab instrumentation also plays a role as alarms warn the operator of excess idling as well as signifying the machine’s operational modes.

Lower maintenance costs

From the outset, the Komatsu PC210 was designed as a machine that is simple and cost-effective to maintain. There is easy access to engine oil and lubrication system filters which are integrated to be positioned on one side of the machine. Another major enhancement that will be welcomed by maintenance crews is the extension of replacement cycle times for hydraulic oil filters from 1,000 to 2,500 operating hours.

An important safety feature is the single battery disconnect switch which enables the service technician to disengage the power supply and lock out before conducting maintenance work.

In-cab instrumentation and machine monitoring

Advanced liquid crystal display (LCD) instrumentation provides the operator with immediate reference as to the condition and performance of the machine. What’s more, this information can be relayed in a choice of up to 15 languages.

The full-colour monitor provides the information to enable the safe, accurate and smooth operation of the machine and is easy to operate. Information available includes working modes, travel speed, fuel level and water and oil temperature.

Remote machine monitoring of the excavator, together with other Komatsu machines in the operator’s fleet, can be routinely obtained via the KOMTRAX® remote machine monitoring system. Owners can also have their new excavators maintained using the Homecare User Support Programme subject to the routine service agreement.

Operator safety and comfort

Operator safety is the first priority on this new product.  A key new safety feature is the installation of two rear-mounted cameras that transmit images to the control panel, providing the operator with a 360° view of the site at all times. The cab, which conforms to the ISO certified standard 12117-2 for excavators, provides rollover and overhead protection, is pressurised to repel dust intrusion, and has automatic air conditioning.

Regional sales manager Brett Trojanowski is buoyant about the future sales prospects for the Komatsu PC210-10M0; not to mention the benefits that will be gained by Komatsu customers across the region.

His confidence in the new product may very well stem from the fact that its first arrival was already sold well before leaving Japanese shores.

QUICK FACTS: (compared to the previous Komatsu excavator model PC200-8M0)

The PC210-10M0 offers the Power of More

  • Lifting capacity 5% up
  • Engine Power 12% up- enhanced engine management technology
  • Travelling Output Power 15% up – enhanced traction
  • Fuel Consumption 20% improvement
  • Bucket capacity increased to 1.2m³
  • Improved stability as a result of heavier counter weight and extending rear tail radius
  • One-touch power max. function: E-mode +36%, P-mode + 19% - single controlled digging burst
  • The replacement interval of the hydraulic oil filter element is extended by 2.5 times(1000h → 2500h)
  • Safer cab -Offers the safest cab in the world with a KomVision 360° view of site at all times.

Contact for further information: KOMATSU SOUTH AFRICA (Pty) Ltd.    

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